Would-be jihadist took out £10000 bank loan for Islamic State travel plans

“The defendant, you will hear, was a secret and indeed eager supporter of Islamic State.

“So eager, he was willing to leave his life, his job, his relatives behind to join Islamic State as a front-line combatant.”

Shikhey’s true motivation was allegedly revealed in encrypted chat messages on Threema and Telegram with a fellow Somalian living in Kenya.

The exchanges were revealed on Abdirahman Idris Hassan’s computer after he was arrested for alleged terrorism offences in September 2016.

Reading one message, Mr Jameson said: “Hassan says to the defendant, ‘May God bestow you in killing David Cameron and the old woman Elizabeth’.

“That’s a reference to the then Prime Minister, and what is believed to be a reference to the Queen, Queen Elizabeth.

“At the end of the conversation, the defendant says, ‘amen brother’.

“That exchange perhaps gives you some insight into the mindset of those two individuals.

“They are talking across the encrypted messages on Threema about killing the then Prime Pinister and the Queen.”

Hassan went on to ask if the defendant could buy bullets and a gun in the UK and Shikhey said three or five people were needed to “carry out a bloody attack”.

He said it would be best to find AK47s and other automatic weapons, adding: “They could have been taken to Stamford Hill and when people leave from their game.”


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