Why it’s better to date a ritualist than a church goer — Lepacious Bose – Vanguard

By Tolulope Abereoje

Popular comedienne and actress, Lepacious Bose, may have found herself at a crucial crossroad.

According to the actress, who seems to be finding it difficult in making the right choice of a dream man, says it is safer for ladies to be romantically involved with a guy they met in a shrine than a man they met in the church.

“These days you don’t even know if you are dating a human being or a ghost; what we have now is direct messages and pinging wooing. You would have married a ritualist before you know it. I applaud those who take the risk and end up with great spouses but the stories I have heard about online hook ups are so scary.”

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She adds: “Generally we live in a crazy world now; you can actually live with a serial killer for years and not know. I remember those days ladies would believe the guys they meet in church would be the good ones; these days the ones you meet in shrine are better and even safer. At least with them you know what you signed up for. Like I always say to the cunning man, God, too, is a cunning God.”


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