Why gaming is actually good for your health

GamingGaming comes in a number of different forms, from accessible games on your phone, such as Online Casino UK, to popular games on PlayStation, including the likes of Fortnite and Red Dead Redemption.

Today, the gaming industry is taking us to new worlds, challenging us to new missions and providing us with exciting adventures to tackle. Although, there are concerns that these games have become so immersive that the amount of time people spend playing them is actually damaging their health. However, you will be pleased to know that there are some theories that suggest gaming might actually be good for your health and we are going to explore why, below.

A Brain Workout

Different parts of the brain are impacted by games and provide a workout for your brain.

During video games when you have to make any decisions or do any cognitive planning, your prefrontal cortex is responsible for this. Studies have shown that games such as Halo improve your decision making skills.

Processing and consolidating information is controlled by the right hippocampus and has been known to show growth in this area after playing games that involve navigation.

The cerebellum also has a workout by controlling fine motor skills or any muscular activity, which are necessary when playing games.

A Stress Relief

Playing games on your PlayStation or Xbox is a great way to socialise with friends and destress after a very busy day at a demanding job.

Social interaction with other people is very good for your health, both mentally and physically, as it allows people to get any worries or problems off of their chests, in addition to relaxing and having a good time. What’s more, these games can make you less anti-social and help you to form stronger relationships than those who are not gamers.

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War games are also a great way to eliminate any anger as you shoot your opponents and immerse yourself in a war zone situation.

Improved Eyesight

Although parents and partners love to moan that playing these games are bad for your eyes, they are in fact wrong.

There has been a lot of research that has shown that playing games actually improves your eyesight, especially your spatial resolution, which is your ability to recognise tightly-packed objects like letters.

Helped With Medical Issues

Games have proven to be beneficial for children with cerebral palsy, as well as dyslexic children by helping them to learn how to read faster.

Make You A Better Person

Studies have shown that those that do bad things in games, such as playing a terrorist, are actually better people in reality. After they have violated their own moral code during the game, they feel real guilt and reflect on their behaviour.

Due to players feeling so guilty after something bad they have done in a game, they try to make up for it by being better in reality.

As you can see, gaming can actually be good for your health and make you a better person. So, next time someone tells you to stop playing a game because it is bad for you, just show them this!

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