When Two Become One – London’s Orbital Comics and Genesis Cinema


It’s Valentine’s week and love is in the air. And this past week saw Central London’s Orbital Comics put on a Batman-themed pop-up show at East London’s ultra-hipster Genesis Cinema, for a screening of the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie.

But it wasn’t a one night stand. They are seeing each other this weekend as well. For the release of Black Panther, this Saturday, Genesis Cinema will be inviting the Orbital Podcast crew for a post-screening discussion about the movie.

And they already have plans to meet up next month, with a screening of American Splendor next month. And officially defining their relationship as a series of curated screenings, with special limited items for sale in a pop-up shop in the foyer. It must be love.

It’s also a wonderful piece of outreach to a demographic with a lot of money to spend right now, as well as embedding comic books into this oh-so-fashionable and trend-leading demographic.

It’s also the kind of thing that so many comic stores could do with any local arts or independent cinema but rarely bother. Orbital Comics, showing the way?

The next in our series of curated screenings at the lovely Genesis Cinema in Mile End sees us pivot in our comics love towards the more indie & alternative side of things.

Comics as a medium stretches far, far beyond the realm of superheroes and we’re pleased to celebrate that with a screening of the 2003 adaptation of Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor – a film that blends reality and fiction, starring Harvey Pekar himself alongside Paul Giamatti playing Pekar as fictionalised in his comics.

As ever, there will be a lovely pop-up store with indie comics and small press bargains galore. We’ll also be introducing the film on the night! Come along on Thursday 8th of March – book your tickets here.

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