What’s so Cultural about Hookup Culture?

What's so Cultural about Hookup Culture

It is commonly believed amongst students that when they are in college, it is a time to have fun and go wild. It is believed that you are sexually liberated when you separate sex from emotions. Students consider themselves unready for commitment because they are too young and career-focused. These ideas are extensively spread on campus and do make a modicum of sense. It validates the choices of individuals who engage in casual sex. Also, it invalidates the choice not to engage in any form of sex and maintaining a monogamous relationship. Hooking up is imminently unassailable as far as hookup culture is concerned.

Dating back to colonial times, colleges were absolute in handling their affairs. The activities students engaged in were totally controlled and harsh punishment was meted out to offenders. This only changed when the media glamorized the lifestyle of fraternity boys and the introduction of alcohol by the industry. Today, the reputation of the college as a place to have fun is only dwarfed by its reputation as a place of higher learning.

Hookups are known to be somewhat inevitable, most especially for people who attend parties. It is believed that sooner or later at a party, a student will have too much to drink. This will lead them to engage in something especially wild or meet someone cute. Young people might be overwhelmed by the mind-altering substances ingested and the resulting lack of ability to manage sexual desire. Anyone who participates in any of these partying systems built into higher education might be open to hooking up. Click here for casual hookups.

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It is a cultural phenomenon to have sex on the college campus. It is one of the routines built into the system of institutions of higher education. Students arrive on campus with the opportunity to hook up. They are also welcomed and embraced by a culture that permits them to engage in hookups. They are presented with the harsh reality of accepting or rejecting such a culture throughout their time on campus.

It is hard to escape hook up culture even though you are not hooking up. This is because the hookup culture is totally institutionalized. Students become a part of the institution, whether they like it or not when they move to dorms on college campuses.

There seem to be different opinions from students about life on campus and hookups. Some students prefer a hookup culture that is kinder and at the same time warm. It has also been noticed that there is still a handful of students who consider being stodgy as sexy. A lot still grieve for the paradise promised by the sexual revolution which has not been delivered fully. Many still yearn for gender fluidity and that things should be a lot more atypical.

It is important that these diverse desires be adequately satisfied. It is good to note that there is no need for a different cultural life on campus. What is needed to meet these varying desires is a shift to a more rich and complex cultural life on campus.


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