Whatever Happened to Donald Trump’s Border Wall?

Whatever Happened to Donald Trump’s Border Wall

When Donald Trump was campaigning for the 2016 US Presidential Election and announced the idea of building a wall along the Mexican border to keep out immigrants, most people either laughed or didn’t take him seriously. However, as the weeks and months went by, and Trump gained more and more popularity, eventually winning the election, those smiles quickly turned to looks of anguish.

The wall was a major talking point of Trump’s campaign, but after three years in office, there has been very little to show for all of the President’s talk.

Work has taken place to improve the existing barriers that run along the Mexican border – although that is debatable as to whether the situation has actually improved. However, the “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful” wall Trump promised is yet to materialise.

With another presidential election around the corner, Trump will be preparing himself for another campaign. The wall remains a major topic of discussion, at the rallies he continues to hold and worldwide, but to use this promise a second time having failed to implement it in his first term might irritate some supporters.

However, it’s unfair to say that the wall was the major reason why Americans voted for Trump. Rather, it was what this promise of a wall stood for – a president willing to take bold steps to, in their opinion, make the United States great again. It was the brashness of Trump’s policies that won him a lot of favour with those who felt that the country had lost its way under the Obama administration.

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The 2020 US Presidential Election odds will make for interesting reading, and it will be fascinating to see how the Democratic Party try and stop the President winning a second term. Trump triumphed in 2016 because he had a clear vision for how to win supporters, whereas his opponents seemed to shrink away as the election campaign wore on.

Let’s face it, the wall Trump proposed to build has always been a ludicrous suggestion. Most of his supporters knew it at the time but voted for him anyway. For the Democratic presidential nominee to counter Trump’s controversial ideas, they must lay out an effective policy that puts him to shame.

Trump has found himself mired in controversy since stepping through the doors of the White House. The latest threat of impeachment is just another example of the troubled waters that have surrounded him over the last three years or so. Assuming he survives this to reach another election, it’s clear that Trump will need to sharpen up his ideas to secure a second term. There’s only so long the public will go in for talk of giant border walls.

The fact that Trump is still using the wall as one of the pillars of his campaign is perhaps proof that the President is running out of ideas when it comes to realistic ways he can make the country a better place. It was a shock when he won the 2016 election – most expected Clinton to win despite her shortcomings – and while it may not be such a surprise if he were to win in 2020, don’t rely on a “big, beautiful wall” going up along the Mexican border anytime soon.

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