Water Purification a Necessity

Water is an essential element, and it is necessary for both living kind as well as for the earth. Drinking at least 3 – 5 litres of water every day, helps in many ways, it not only boosts us with energy but also helps in boosting the immune system of the body. And with recent technological advancements, we can see some brands coming up new technologies for water purification.

Water Purification a Necessity

Importance Of Water Purification

  • Elements like Arsenic is very harmful to the body. Water purification helps in removal of arsenic whose presence might cause, several links to diseases such as cancer
  • Water purification also helps in removal of aluminum, which causes disease such as hyperactivity, skin problems, kidney failure, Alziemarz disease etc. Aluminum is generally found in tap water. Hence it is very wise to avoid drinking tap water.
  • Another essential function performed by water purifiers is that they remove Fluoride from the water. Though Element like Fluoride is present in teeth products, they are very harmful, and they cause damages such as weakening the immune system and damage the cellular processes, thus enhancing the ageing method.

Problems With Bottled Water

One must be shocked to hear that 40% of packaged drinking water found in the market are not purified; they are bottled tap water. Moreover, many of those bottled water container claims to be recyclable, but we are very much known to the recent disaster which is caused by stagnated plastic bottle containers and plastic container. Hence a big no to the usage of plastic. Moreover, when you are buying plastic bottled water from outside, it costs you too. So it is wise to carry purified drinking water from your home.

Health Benefits On Usage Of Water Purifier

The water purifier can be seen everywhere these days, from schools to the workplace. With growing awareness in waterborne diseases, people have taken the initiative in installing water purifiers in their vicinities. The usage of water purifier is not only limited in the household, but one can comfortably rely on drinking water in their workplace because of a water purifier being installed there.

There are numerous health benefits associated with water purification.

  •  It reduces the risk of getting fatal diseases
  • It helps in maintaining the water content of the skin, making it glowy and plump
  • Drinking more than enough water helps in removing toxic elements from the body, clearing the body from a harmful substance which is created within the organization
  • Helps in dealing with stomach issues. Drinking water from a purifies helps one to consume the purest form of water. Hence it acts as a medication in solving sickness related to stomach
  • Purification of water helps in the filtration process of water in a highly advanced manner. We have seen many purification techniques being implemented in the water purifiers these days.

Let us have a quick look at some of the water purifying methods used in water purifiers.

The Reverse Osmosis In The Water Purification Process

At first, there was only one brand with water purification method being stated, while these purification process has gone through a revolutionary change. The purpose of Reverse Osmosis water purification process has shaken the water purifier manufacturer to a high level.

Reverse Osmosis is an advanced method in water purification. The technique focuses on separating the ions from the water with the use of partially permeable technology. Water Reverse Osmosis or commonly know as RO is different from the filtration process in water. RO or Reverse Osmosis is generally applied on saline water. It also assists in removing the large particles and unwanted molecules from the sea. It is a new and advanced technology that was introduced a few years after UV lights in the water purification technology. 

The Ultra Violet Purification Methods

The other method in water purification which has also become very much prominent these days is UV purification process. UV as in Ultra Violet rays used in water purification serves a great deal in health management, just the RO method. This method assists the purifier in the disinfection process. It helps in disinfecting the bacteria from the water. The Ultra Violet rays enter through the harmful pathogen that is present in the water. Water in the purifier with the help of UV protection disinfects the water from the disease-causing germ from the core.

Water purification is an emergency one must consider to pay attention. Water plays a vital role in all living kind. Water is the element which makes one living being going one; one can survive without food but not without water. Hence it I termed as ‘life’ in many contexts. With the growing awareness of water purification and water necessity in the country as well as in the world, one must look for saving water, be it drinkable or not.


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