Watch The Chilling Trailer For Horror Movie ‘Look Away’

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The horror genre is notorious for releasing fantastical films which deviate wildly from realistic notions and attain their shock factor through their extremism. Due to this conventional device, most horror fans have become habituated to pure thrills of entertainment that needn’t not be taken too seriously or given any real afterthought.

The new horror movie Look Away by writer/director Assaf Bernstein stands out as a marked exception to this rule of thumb.


Premiering in select theaters and on iTunes this Friday, Look Away earns its hair-raising tension not through wild departures from realism, but, in contrast, from an uncanny verisimilitude that we can all relate to on some level.

The film explores the stifling repression of an isolated teenage girl named Maria (played by India Eisley) and the internal vicissitudes she faces when her inner twin, Ariam, is manifested and meets her head on through the mirror to help her take command of her life.


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