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Jonas Brothers: Chasing Happiness

Jonas Brothers have just released the first official trailer for their documentary Chasing Happiness. 

The doc will follow their journey from the beginning, to their breakup, to this years shock reunion.

The trailer opens with Kevin saying, “it had been nearly six years since we had spent time together. Just the three of us as brothers.”

Nick says, “we were not supposed to get out of Jersey,” which is where the brothers grew up.

They go on to talk about how music always seemed to play a part in their life.

“We loved music growing up. Dad was a pastor of a Church – as a child like it was just always around us.”

“We had a really tight knit family and we became each others best friends.”

“We started to write on our own. Over night we’re a band. We’re doing it. We’re living our dream.”


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Unfortunately, things suddenly took a turn for the worst.

“Things began to shift in the Church that became really challenging.”

“Our dad leaves the Church I think in the same month the label dropped us.”

This was when Disney offered them a record deal that changed their life forever.

It’s due out on the 4th of June.

Just 25 days to go!

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