Watch collaboration with PEI’s Sean Fitzpatrick and East Coast Lifestyle sells out in two days

P.E.I.’s Sean Fitzpatrick hoped to sell out of a new watch launched this week in collaboration with East Coast Lifestyle before Black Friday sales began.

He accomplished that, and in fact, only needed two days to do so.

Fitzpatrick, originally from Souris and the owner of 6 Zero, a Halifax-based clothing, watch and accessories business, collaborated with Alex MacLean, founder and CEO of East Coast Lifestyle, on a new watch.

MacLean made 100 of the black and gold East Coast Model watches available for sale on his website late Monday afternoon. Fitzpatrick, 22, also had 50 of the watches available on his website.

By Wednesday, all 150 watches were sold.

“Crazy, super grateful for all the support. I haven’t dealt with that amount of website traffic and orders yet. So, it was a hectic couple of days but that’s a good thing,” said Fitzpatrick on Thursday. “We figured they would go fast but not that fast.”

MacLean said earlier this week that he also had 20 watches set aside as gifts for celebrities and athletes.

The waterproof watch had the 6 Zero logo on the upper half of the watch face and the East Coast Lifestyle logo on the lower half. The word East was engraved on the back. They sold for $85 each.

Fitzpatrick said there are plans for another collaboration in the future.

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