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JACKSONVILLE,” Ark.- A Facebook post takes a racist turn causing a volunteer firefighter to lose his job and the North Pulaski Fire Department to deactivate its Facebook page.

The post comes after two black men were arrested and accused in the death of a Little Rock Air Force Base airman during a store robbery.

The social media post was shared hundreds of times since Tuesday and getting a lot of attention.

The firefighter who posted it told North Pulaski Fire Chief Randy Blakey his wife actually wrote it.

He also told the chief he takes full responsibility and he did not think it would get out of control.

After seeing the post, people say it’s unacceptable.

“We all do wrong things,” says Brenda Harris. “Black people, white people, yellow, pink, blue, but you can’t make like all of the black community is bad people. It makes me angry.”

“I thought it was very sad,” Fabiola Amdurgy said.

“It’s racist,” Brenda Harris said.

The comment was posted by a Facebook account that belongs to a volunteer firefighter and his wife.

“I think it’s wrong he should not have posted that as a firefighter,” Corrine Baker said.

The post reads in part, “That’s good I’m glad he’s getting locked up that means less blacks in the community.”

“For him to say that about that black race everybody is not the same there are criminals in every color. It’s upsetting,” Baker said.

“What’s they did was wrong and they need to be punished but what he said was wrong too and how dare he,” Harris said.

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The post also reads, “I think the old school laws need to take place where hangings are made and the African American community is nothing but a joke.”

“Yeah, you are entitled to your opinion, but you still need to watch what you say,” Amdurgy said.

An opinion that caused the chief to terminate the firefighter.

“We are here for everybody, it makes no difference about what they look like everybody is the same to us,” Chief Blakey said.

The chief says they received so many messages and phone calls. They had to de-activate their Facebook page.

He also said the firefighter apologized.


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