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“As a child, I would only wear matching clothes and I cried if my mother made me repeat an outfit, ” says fashion-blogger Alkananda Bodapaty.Today, Alaknanda is a brand influencer and she has a growing community of admirers and followers on social media.

Alkananda thanks her parents for being supportive and patient with her. By the time she was an engineering student at the Kakinada Institute of Engineering & Technology, she had three closets full of clothes and over a hundred pairs of shoes.

Of course, in just a matter of a short time there were classmates seeking advice from her about dressing up. “That was the first time I realised so many people needed fashion tips,” says Alkananda.She started a Facebook group called ‘Go Girlies’, a platform to discuss fashion for college girls. Now it has over 40,000 members. “The group is now a community of women,from different parts of Andhra. We discuss all kind of topics here from fashion to health,” she says.

Getting a hang of it

After finishing her engineering she worked for a year at an IT firm and then enrolled for higher studies. “That’s when I finally asked myself what I was really doing with my life.” She quit her Masters’ programme and began a blog, ‘’ in December 2015. “My first posts on the blog were about how to use an article of clothing in multiple ways,” she recalls. Her blog allowed people to get a second opinion before buying online.

Initially, the brands she worked with gave her merchandise instead of paying her for the reviews. Soon clients took her more seriously and she began to earn money through her blog In 2017, Myntra and FILA picked her to visit Rome, for photoshoots and brand promotion.

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According to her, online shopping has changed the dynamics of fashion in Visakhapatnam. She says, “The city doesn’t have a concept of street shopping like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. But online shopping has bridged that gap significantly.”

Changing outfits

Since then she has establish herself as a fashion influencer on Instagram too. Alkananda explains, “Currently, fashion blogging is synonymous with Instagram. Its popularity with youth and its ease of operation has made it the hub for fashion discussions.” She has over 73,000 followers on Instagram. The visual format of the platform makes it ideal for fashion bloggers. Now, Instagram is where she earns money. But when she wants to write long-form thought pieces, she updates her blog.

In her shoes

People often think writing a fashion blog is not a full-time job. That is not quite true, says Alkananda. “It needs hardwork and one has to read up on the latest trends, be innovative and have networking skills.” Last year, she gave a TedTalk about how she made it in the glamour industry at K L University, Guntur.

Currently, she is working to launch her personal brand of clothes.

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