Upstate missionary has trouble canceling travel insurance for kids despite rioting in Haiti

An Upstate mom was going to take her kids on a mission trip to Haiti until riots broke out over a fuel tax hike.  

When she went to cash in on her travel insurance, she was denied.   

Apparently even “war” and “civil disobedience” isn’t covered, at least for her AIG Travel guard policy.

Jennifer Holmes is still set to leave on what’s likely her 80th mission trip to Haiti after 20 years, she’s lost count.

Her daughter Kadence and son Caden have already made 2 trips with mom.  

“I really like to help the kids there and the people,” said Kadence.  

The 11-year-old  and her 9-year-old brother have been saving birthday and christmas money, and selling blueberries to pay for the trip. 

“We tell them it’s for Haiti so they give us the money and that’s what we use, we’ve been saving up,” said Kadence.

The Mission Haiti orphanage is safe., but Holmes decide the kids should stay home after the rioting put some travelers in danger.

“So I purchased the travel insurance then once I felt it wasn’t safe for my kids to go I tried to cancel their tickets and they said they are not going to refund my money,” said Holmes.  

Turns out her travel insurance policy and it has 10 pages of fine print.  Take a look at section IV.  It has quite a number of exclusions and limitations. 

Clause (e) says: “war or act of war, whether declared or not, participation in a civil disorder, riot or inssurrection.” 

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Holmes was stunned.

“Why would you allow them to be out $1000 just to go to a place that wasn’t safe for them,” said Holmes.

You might be wondering why Holmes is even going.

“At the end of the day, the work still needs to be done,” said Holmes.

52 orphans are depending on her since the compound is having water issues she hopes to fix.

“There’s a different side of Haiti that a lot of people don’t see.  Very friendly, loving,” she said.

7News contacted JetBlue and Orbitz and AIG.  JetBlue and Orbitz gave Holmes a refund for her kids.

“It’s great to get our money back for the kids sake and we’ll definitley be using it for mission projects going forward!.”


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