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I like to compare film reviews to discussions about wine. Your enjoyment of either is often determined by far more than what is in your glass or on the screen. To appreciate a fine wine or have a great cinematic experience, you must take into account your present state of mind, your affinity for certain things (notes of cherry, say, or affection for pratfalls), what you’re pairing it with (salmon, a matinee with your ex-boyfriend) and your previous experiences (extensive wine tasting, several cinema appreciation classes). I can’t tell you what’s going to make your heart go pitter-patter, but I can give you an idea about what might be in store for you.

My film blog (and Instagram feed), Drinks With Films, gives a one to five rating for a film based on what drinks seem appropriate for the characters in the film. One shot of tequila for a bad Western for instance, five glasses of Champagne for an excellent romance. Here’s my take on this week’s Nugget offering, followed by my recommendation for two series that film lovers should have on their calendar!

“How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World” rare is the series that maintains this high of entertainment value. Not only is the story fresh and the animation charming, the message of being true to yourself and the importance of family remain strong across all three films. Funny characters, dragons both scary and sweet, and the final resolution that if you love someone or something, sometimes you have to let it go — all packaged in an action-packed tale that stays true to the characters. A great film for the whole family, though a few scary moments for the very young or easily frightened.

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Drinks With Films rating: four mugs of glog



In this two-part series, six female documentarians take us around the world weaving diverse, nail-biting and eye-opening stories. Shannon Service joins activists as they set off to rescue enslaved fishermen across southeast Asia. Liz Garbus and Amanda Lipitz celebrate the young women of Baltimore, those in juvenile detention centers and the members of a high school senior step team reaching toward a better future. Lauren Greenfield explores the excess of American wealth, pre- and post-recession, while Laura Poitras presents an intimate portrait of an iconic whistleblower. The series ends with Kim Longinotto’s tribute to the female lawyers taking on corruption within the judicial system of Cameroon. Together these documentaries form an authentic global mosaic of the 21st century, and an essential viewing experience. Come to Wilkinson Library for this two-part series celebrating female filmmakers and their stories of courage, redemption and hope. (Editor’s note: the first film of the series was shown March 4).


Part 1

April 1: “Girlhood,” directed by Liz Garbus

May 6: “Step,” Directed by Amanda Lipitz


Part 2

Oct. 7: “Queen of Versailles” with Director/Producer Lauren Greenfield in person for a Q&A after the film

Nov. 4: “Citizen Four,” directed by Laura Poitras

Dec. 2: “Sisters in Law,” directed by Kim Longinotto


Palm Arts presents the 2019 Classic Cinema Series celebrating the 50th anniversary of the movies of 1969. The Classic Cinema Series films will be presented on the big screen with full theater sound at the Michael D. Palm Theatre. Admission is free and any donations benefit the Palm Arts Programming fund.

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Now for something completely different, as a Monty Python sketch might be introduced, “The Bed Sitting Room” is a 1969 British comedy film directed by Richard Lester, starring an ensemble cast of British comic actors and based on the play of the same name. The film, which will play March 23 at 7 p.m.,  is an absurdist, post-apocalyptic, satirical black comedy. So if you’re worried about North Korea or Pakistan and nuclear weapons, this might not be your cup of tea.

“Midnight Cowboy” will wrap up the series on April 25.


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