Umno denies delayed telecast an attempt to censor debates

Umno says it is not blocking media coverage or control the content of the debates at the general assembly.

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno has denied imposing a censorship on media coverage at its two-day general assembly which began yesterday.

Party’s information chief Shamsul Anuar Nasarah said the party had even allowed online media to cover the assembly for the first time.

This, he said, was to ensure that the party no longer blocked media coverage or controlled the content of the debates.

“This is the first time we allowed news portals. Whatever it is, we hope that we will continue to receive cooperation from all the media until the end,” he said.

He said this during his visit to the media centre here at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) today.

Umno decided to hold its debates on the final day behind closed doors with a delayed telecast shown on the screens at the media centre.

“The media is free to interview any of the debaters outside the dewan and get their comments.”

“We have even given the debaters the freedom to talk and criticise our leaders as part of the party’s process to rebuild itself,” he said.


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