Ultra-bright green comet approaching the Sun

The space object reaches its destination around August 16, as suggested by the astronomers. It is not known how the object during a collision with the sun – destroyed or will receive a powerful impetus to continue the journey.

Ультраяркая зеленая комета приближается к Солнцу

Ultra-bright green comet PanSTARRS, named “the Incredible Hulk” close to the Sun quite rapidly, and in just a few hours became brighter already by 1600 percent. Astronomers noted that the detected object was in 2017, but now were counted, the diameter of the cloud of gas and dust around it, which amounted to 260 thousand kilometers.

While the trajectory of the comet allowed the scientists to calculate the approximate date of arrival to the Sun, but the situation may change. By the middle of August will be known, will cease if “the Incredible Hulk” flight or continue it unscathed.


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