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The world’s rapidly expanding travel industry is breaking new ground every day as the world shrinks and travellers become more discerning.

According to a report by the global market research company Euromonitor International released this past week and titled Megatrends Shaping the Future of Travel at World Travel Market in London, the competition has increased and new ideas are disrupting entire industries, including the travel industry.

The new research reveals how the travel industry is developing within the fast-changing global economic and social environment and identifies three key emerging trends:

The Joy of Missing Out #JOMO

Counter to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) is an emerging trend as consumers are resisting the “always-on” mentality.

The desire to unplug is spurred by a need for authenticity, privacy and the enjoyment of face-to-face, live experiences.

Travel players such as Black Tomato are now offering alternative travel experiences helping travellers disconnect from their everyday lives and enjoy, travel detox experiences away from civilisation.

High-profile events have greatly increased awareness among consumers of plastic’s negative attributes.

Many travel players have pledged to take action, aiming to end the use of plastic straws with alternatives such as edible, hyper-compostable straws.

For instance, Europe’s biggest budget operator Ryanair announced non-recyclable plastics will be completely removed from its aircraft by 2023.

Access economy taking flight

The access economy, where goods and services are traded on the basis of access rather than ownership, is booming.

Travel is a sector revolutionised by players such as Airbnb and Uber, yet the access economy has the potential to transform many more areas with flights as the next possible category.

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While Voom offers helicopter rides booked through an Uber-style app, the city of Dubai is testing flying taxis and Wingly offers a booking platform where private pilots take passengers on trips – carpooling style.

Wouter Geerts, travel research consultant at Euromonitor International adds, “Going hand in hand with these trends, travellers continue to look for ever greater personalisation and authentic experiences.

“As destinations become overcrowded and fast-paced lives are the new normal, expectations will focus on bespoke and off-the-beaten-track destinations. We expect the desire for greater personalisation to continue and grow throughout 2019.”


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