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(Sidney) — Traveling in Fremont County remains difficult because of dozens of flood-related road closures.

Fremont County Emergency Management’s list of updated closures Friday afternoon listed at least 25 closings either in or connected to the county. The massive list includes major passageways as Highway 59 north of Shenandoah, Highway 34 from Interstate 29 to the Nebraska border, Interstate 29 from the Glenwood exit to the Missouri border, County Road M-16 from Highway 2 to Farragut, Airport Road from Manti Road to the end of Airport Road and County Road J-18 or 120th Street from County Road J-46 or 250th Street. In an interview on KMA’s “Morning Line” program Friday morning, Fremont County Engineer Dan Davis says this flooding event is familiar in some ways, unprecedented in others.

“On the Nishnabotnas, we’ve had nasty problems,” said Davis, “with not only the roads we’ve seen now. We’ve actually had more going up the Walnut Creek area. We haven’t had that many closed near Walnut Creek, which is sort of a blessing.

“J-18, though, I’ve never seen closed. I think my maintenance superintendent says he’s been here 40 years, and he’s never seen in closed. So, it’s been a while,” he added.

Even after floodwaters recede, Davis says each road will be checked for damage before being reopened.

“Most of the time, we have shallow flows,” said Davis, “or somewhat shallow flows going over the roadway tops. What happens is, on the downstream side, it starts taking the shoulders off. We’ll just happen to see how much material is taken off. Hopefully, none of the pavement gets damaged, so that we can repair the shoulder, get some rock. We may have to have some earth to repair the shoulder, and the sideslope, then get some gravel on the shoulder, itself, and see what we can do to get it opened.”

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Davis still advises residents to adhere to road closure signs, and not drive through flooded roads.

“It’s tough when people are leaving at 5 o’clock, 5:30 to get where they’re going and it’s dark,” he said. “That’s another thing to be careful, pay attention. Make sure you’ve got your lights on–they’re nice and bright, and everything. If you do see water, you’d better turn around and try a different route.”

The complete list of road closures as of late Friday is as follows:

M16 from Hwy 2 to Farragut

State Hwy 59 N. of Shenandoah

Hwy 34 from I29- Nebraska

I 29 from Glenwood to Missouri Border

From L44, J-10 is closed to Bartlett

185th Ave between 250th Street and 235th Street

155th Street from I-29 to 187th Ave

Western Ave from 155th Street to 190th Street

200th Ave from 155th Street to 190th Street

215th Ave from 155th Street to 170th Street

J-18/120th Street from the Town of Randolph to L-63/301th Ave

L-63/310th Ave from 120th Street to 140th Street

307th Ave from 140th Street to J-26/170th Street

L-68/330th Ave from J-18/120th Street to J-46/250th Street

J-46/250th Street from the town of Riverton to Highway 2/275

310th Ave from 224th Street to 235th Street

235th Street from 310th Ave to 300th Ave

290th Street from 240th Ave to the end of the road

285th Street from Bluff Road to Railroad Ave

Railroad Ave from 285th Street to J-64/310th St/333

J-64/310th St/333 from the I-29 exit at Hamburg, east to 250th Ave

195th Street between 390th Ave and 400th Ave

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400th Ave from 190th Street to 195th Street

J-32/190th St from 408th Ave to the Old State Highway 2 and J-32/190th Street intersection

Airport Road from Manti Road to the end of Airport Road


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