Tony Romo predicts Packers-Jaguars in Super Bowl LIII

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Tony Romo already said the Packers “probably got better maybe more than any team I saw this offseason.” He apparently really believes in the team he grew up a fan of.

The former Cowboys quarterback was asked for a Super Bowl LIII prediction when he appeared on the NFL Network this week. Romo will call the big game for CBS in February.

Romo paused and expressed concern at a preseason prediction, but nonetheless relented and made a pick.

“Oh, if I had to pick right now?” he said, via the CBS website. “It’s pretty early. The thing about the NFL is things change pretty fast. Injuries happen. A lot of stuff happens. If I was picking right now, I’d probably go with. . . . I’d probably go with Green Bay vs. Jacksonville. I think that would be just a tentative rough guess here in the summer months.”

Romo, who earned praise for his play-calling predictions last season in his first season as an analyst, will look like a genius if the Packers and Jaguars end up in Atlanta. On the other hand, it’s probably forgotten if he’s wrong.

Romo said he liked the addition of tight end Jimmy Graham to the Packers offense and the changes to the defense and called Jacksonville “strong everywhere.” He did, however, couch his choice of the Jaguars with a reminder that the AFC title usually goes through New England.

“You can never count out New England,” Romo said. “As long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are breathing, the easy pick is them.”

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