Tips, tricks, and advice on making it in the fashion industry

Tips, tricks, and advice on making it in the fashion industry

The fashion industry is changing so rapidly that it may feel
overwhelming for newcomers in the field to stay up to date. This is why
FashionUnited has compiled a series of articles with expert advice, tips
and information on staying relevant in the fashion world. Whether you’re
student, job applicant or a business owner, these articles may help you
learn more about where the industry is going.

  • 6 new consumer mentalities changing the retail

    How to build your brand’s identity with authenticity and sense of humor?
    Trend expert Pernille Kok-Jensen’s views on the future of retail provide
    the answer to this question — and many more. Pernille Kok-Jensen shared
    her predictions on the future of retail from the consumer’s point of view.
    Touching on how to find a brand’s identity through authenticity and a sense
    of humor to recognizing the mainstream niches, Pernille forecasts the
    trends for consumers.


  • How do consumers feel about artificial

    The hot topic right now in the fashion industry: artificial
    intelligence. Marks & Spencer, Net-a-Porter and House of Fraser. The latest of AI endeavors in
    fashion was launched by China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba, which opened an AI concept store in partnership
    with Guess
    . But what do consumers actually think of their
    artificial intelligence interactions?


  • What do Millennials and Generation Z consumers want from

    Four generations of consumers coexist nowadays: baby boomers, generation
    X, Millennials and Generation Z. The challenge for retailers? How to
    provide such drastically different shoppers what they need. Arguably,
    catering to the needs of the two younger generations is key for a retail
    business in the long term, as Millennials now hold the majority in the
    American workforce. FashionUnited has taken a look at the latest research
    aboutabout the shopping behavior and consumer expectations of Millennials
    and Generation Z.


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  • What fashion companies do wrong when targeting

    On the other, yet equally as important end of the spectrum, what can
    fashion companies improve upon when targeting their over-50 customers? This
    age group accounts for 45 percent of all residents in the US and in the UK,
    already makes up the majority of the population since 2016. Not convinced?
    They are also the wealthiest , with much more savings than the younger
    generations. However, a survey conducted in 2017 revealed that 68 percent
    aged 50 and above don’t feel they are accurately represented in


  • How to solve the denim’s industry problem with

    The denim industry is changing more rapidly than ever before. Global
    denim sales are on the rise, except in the two regions that have always
    formed its core market: Europe and North America. In an in-depth study,
    take a look at how retailers may be able to stay relevant in the denim


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  • How to Launch Your Own Fashion Label

    Thinking about launching your own fashion label? This can seem like an
    overwhelming task. In a series, FashionUnited has provided useful tips to
    know before, during and after the creation of a brands new label.

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  • Ask an expert: 5 tips for fashion branding on

    If used correctly, Instagram can be a powerful brand-building tool for a
    fashion business. However, brands can run into avoidable pitfalls when
    using this social network as a marketing outlet. FashionUnited spoke with a
    creative marketing expert to hear her tips and tricks on how to best use
    Instagram to promote your fashion brand.


  • The dos and don’ts of using video in your online fashion

    LISTEN IN – “If you add videos to your webshop, the people who look at
    your video are 50 percent more likely to buy your items, because they can
    actually see how items fall and flow,” said video marketing experts to
    FashionUnited. Hear more what they had to say about running a fashion
    website and how to make it a richer experience for your customer.


  • Dress to impress – how to take the fashion industry by

    How often do you ask yourself what to wear? In the fashion industry in
    particular, this can be a challenging question to answer. However, we’ve
    gathered a few rules to stick by when getting dressed in the morning or
    even for an interview.


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As anyone joining the fashion industry will tell you there will be
pitfalls and setbacks when starting out. Just remember Walmart wasn’t built
in a day. In the meantime, read more on already established fashion companies on this year’s Fortune 500 list
for inspiration.

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