Timberlane School District may have to cut up to 50 jobs


At least 50 people in the Timberlane Regional School District may be notified in just a few weeks that they’re not coming back this fall.

This all stems from concerns over the budget that was voted on during town meeting day.

During that meeting, residents in the four communities rejected a $72.8 million operating budget, which led to a $71.8 default budget being put into place.

But representatives of the Timberland Teacher’s Association said that amount does not adequately fund the district.

They claim the default budget is actually shorter than projected because it doesn’t account for funding for programs like special education and transportation.

They fear the cuts could have rippling effects.

“If you don’t have the manpower you can’t offer these personalized education experiences that you have when you have a small teacher-to-student ratio,” said Ryan Richman of the TTA. “You can’t run the after-school programs, co-curricular activities, if you don’t have the people to do those jobs.”

The conversation will be brought up again at Thursday’s school board meeting.

WMUR reached out to the school board and and the superintendent’s office but only heard back from board member Jennifer Silva, who said she is withholding comment until after the next meeting.



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