There Isn’t a Bib Big Enough to Handle Costco’s GIANT 3-Pound Lobster Claws – POPSUGAR

Costco is a treasure trove of giant foods. Need a three-pound cookie to feed birthday party guests? Easy. Want a five-tier wedding “cake” made of cheese to serve in lieu of sugary sweets? No problem. Yet somehow I’m still surprised when the superstore brings out something I’ve never seen before — like these three-pound lobster claws, recently spotted by excited shoppers.

Select Costco locations, mostly across California, appear to have started offering two-, three-, and four-pound lobster claws in their meat and seafood sections. It’s unclear how long lobster has been an in-store option, but images from Reddit and Instagram trace back to January of this year. If you can’t get your own average-sized claws on these massive ones, don’t worry. Most Costco stores still offer six-count packs of live Maine lobster at a more-manageable 1.25 pound weight.

Ahead, see snaps of the ginormous lobster claws, including some dramatic side-by-side comparisons. As Instagram user @julesfood appropriately put it, “I hope we have enough butter?!”


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