The scientists were able to slow the motion of an electron

Scientists from Argonne national laboratory U.S. Department of energy experimented to find the material that would be energetically favorable. This was achieved by unexpected discoveries.

Ученые смогли замедлить движение электрона

The experiments were carried out on oxides. Like other elements, they are composed of crystals formed by atoms. Scientists have tried to deform the oxides to make them more energy-intensive. While lowering the temperature to -100°F, and the influence of the beams of light changed not only the crystal structure but also the trajectory of the electrons. It was shown how they, after deformation, could not return to their previous position. The devices tracked down that it happened only after one millionth of a second. This meant that the electron was moving a million times slower than usual.
To explain the significance of this short, by the standards of the person, length of time, Anand Bhattacharya gives a simple example. The electron could stand on the border of two States and two years to decide which country it go. While he used to make the same decision for a minute.


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