The Psychology Behind Fashion’s Current Obsession With Sparkle

In case you missed it, sparkle has been a major trend on the runways in recent seasons. From Tom Ford‘s sequined “Beverly Hills” jumpers for Fall 2018 to Karl Lagerfeld’s sea-faring glitter girls at Chanel cruise, there’s no denying that the twinkly stuff and all of its various superlatives (gleaming! glimmering! shimmering! dazzling!) are having a serious moment. In fact, glitter boots were so pervasive last year — they made appearances at Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Isabel Marant and J. Crew, to name just a few — that several members of the Fashionista staff were inspired to purchase a pair. 

But what does the fashion industry’s seemingly sudden penchant for shine really mean? Are designers really that inspired by the disco era, or is this simply a continuation of ’80s mania? Are we so obsessed with the KiraKira app that we’re trying to replicate it IRL with our wardrobes, or is the predilection for sparkly things part of a wider social commentary about a deep sense of cultural malaise? Whatever the answer, straightforward logic suggests that no brand worth its salt would carry on dousing its designs with glitter if there wasn’t an ample demand for it.


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