The politics of racial inequality in Mzantsi

Racial inequality in Mzantsi is like a millstone around our
necks in the politics of our country. Two decades into our democracy racial
inequality is widening and the lot of the black African has exponentially

One wonders whether there is any political party that can genuinely
put the poverty of the African first. What is clear is that racial inequality
is a ticking bomb of an unfinished business that must be revisited with brutal
honesty before it explodes. That racial inequality affects black Africans in
multiple forms of deprivation is indisputable. The World Bank has recently
confirmed that Mzantsi is number one’s most unequal society in the world with
30 million people living below poverty line of R992 a month. The graph below
published in 2015 succinctly illustrates this grave reality.

In spite of its
gravity racial inequality has instead become a low-hanging fruit for political
chameleons and charlatans to manipulate it anyhow. To be sure, we had Jacob Zuma who
kept the gates wide open for looters of our resources and when his stinking deed
was in the open he hastily dressed this massive thieving as RET. 

None other
than Zuma has shown us that a party can easily be turned into a robbery vehicle
from the poor. Conversely, the DA, despite its aggressive fight against
corruption, has been labelled racist and is battling to gain votes in the traditionally
black constituencies. The very people – black Africans being robbed of
livelihood via corruption orgy – don’t get it. The EFF is deliberately and
diligently flashing this race card. “We don’t hate whites, we just love blacks,” says Malema. Even the land question, complex and emotional as it is, has been
turned into a hot political chess game.

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With general elections around the corner political parties especially
those in the mould of Nazi party will conveniently exploit this racial
inequality underbelly for their own ulterior political ends. Why has the ANC
somersaulted on the land question, agreeing to expropriation without
compensation while it has all along maintained that the Constitution is sufficient
for this purpose? Surely this is owing to the twin variables of power and
self-interests in politics. It is stealing Malema’s thunder and to the voters
the DA is and must be portrayed as an authentic white interest boot-lickers.

As apartheid was premised on the exclusion of the blacks
from the mainstream economy only a party that has the genuine interests of
blacks at heart can address this massive inequality. For the last two decades
the ANC has pathetically failed to redress racial inequality and its cardinal
and glaring sin is failure to provide quality public education which is the
cornerstone for any developmental state. At present our education is one of the worst
in the world (75th out of 76 OECD countries by 2015).

The interests of the
government elite rule the roost. Why is the Ministerial Handbook that dishes
obscene perks to the humungous cabinet still there? Why is the government not placing a ceiling
on the ever rising salaries of the top bureaucrats and politicians? In the face
of the grinding poverty blacks have to daily contend with is it really
necessary for a minister to drive a luxurious sedan costing over a million at
the taxpayer’s expense? Self-interest and unabated greed.

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The above analysis exposes a tenuous political environment
that has immensely exploited and continues to exploit the black colour as a
surest meal ticket for a parliamentary seat or any political benefit. This
racial inequality quagmire needs a party that can adopt and has a will to
implement a comprehensive plan similar to Marshall Plan in its developmental capability.

Secondly, a strong opposition ensures the governing party acts according to the
will of the electorate. To defend and advance the gains of our
hard-won democracy rests entirely on the shoulders of the voters, especially black
voters who form majority. It is this majority that is still facing the grinding
poverty, unremitting unemployment and poor education. They must claim their freedom in a free
society to judiciously vote any party of their choice but they must be able to
see a party that is a wolf in a sheep’s skin and vote only a party that has
consistently and tenaciously defended the rainbow nation and constitutional

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