The Middle East’s ‘most luxurious cinema’ just opened in Saudi Arabia – StepFeed

In a tweet posted on Monday, the royal congratulated the kingdom’s rulers and its Entertainment Authority for “leading the kingdom into the 21st century.”

In an interview aired on Rotana Khalijiya’s Ya Hala program, bin Talal expressed his excitement to invest in the rise of Saudi cinema. He also hailed the kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman, referring to him as the main catalyst behind positive changes in Saudi Arabia. 

“There’s no doubt the launch of cinema as an industry in the kingdom is an incredibly important process and it comes as part of a larger vision put forth by Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman who has taken Saudi out of the 18th century and driven it all the way to the 21st,” he said.

“As his majesty said a few years back, we just entered the ordinary realm, when the kingdom lifted the ban on cinemas, allowed women to enter stadiums and drive cars, these are all social shake-ups that’ve created a social revolution,” he added.


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