The highest-paying job in every US state has this one thing in common – CNBC


Anesthesiologist was the most common highest-paying job, with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicating that the role is the most lucrative job in 16 states. Surgeon and OB/GYN roles were also highly represented on GOBankingRates’ list. The highest-paying job on the list, overall, was orthodontists, who make about $289,740 a year on average in the state of Alabama.

Some may wonder why medical professionals managed to consistently beat out traditionally high-paying business roles like CEO and COO.

The “big reason why medical careers dominate is because other high-paying positions, such as chief executives, COOs, high-level managers, etc., [is because they] tend to receive a large portion of their income in the form of stock sharing, stock options and the like, in addition purely income worked through labor (i.e. their salaries), versus the medical fields were their incomes is composed primarily from their wages,” Andrew DePietro, lead researcher at GOBankingRates, tells CNBC Make It.

“Plus,” he says, “because the time and money required to reach these medical career positions is so costly, these costs tend to be reflected in the high salaries of medical fields.”

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