The fashion parade of Princess Eugenie’s wedding was more elevated than Meghan and Harry’s, but also more relatable

Ooh that stray little black hat lying forlornly on the street (did it belong to Robbie Williams’ mother-in-law Gwen?) and all those Marilyn Monroe upskirting moments (have they learned nothing from Her Majesty, who always has the hems of her dresses weighted to avoid just this wardrobe malfunction?). It was all very well for Eamonn and Ruth in the studio, snugly – and smugly – out of the gale blowing down the foliage outside St George’s Chapel and wreaking havoc on hems. But for the guests, this was a message from on high: there is a greater force of nature even than Fergie, and it is the wind.

However, seeing the Duchess and her eldest daughter Beatrice exit from the maroon Rolls Royce Phantom…


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