The Earth approaching comet dressed in green “shawl” (VIDEO)

Приближающаяся к Земле комета облачилась в зеленую «шаль» (ВИДЕО)

Astronomers on 2 July recorded the comet C/2017 S3 PANSTARRS, which plummets to the Ground. The comet is surrounded by a gas cloud, whose diameter is several times larger than the Jupiter. A feature of comets is that she has virtually no tail, and a gaseous substance is concentrated in a cloud around the nucleus.

Due to the unusual green glow, the scientists named the comet the Incredible Hulk, reports

Astronomer Michael jäger observed the comet through a telescope and he thinks that the atmosphere of the comet is 260 000 km in diameter, which is almost two times larger than the planet Jupiter. The incredible Hulk will fly up to the Earth on August 16.

“These incredible dimensions make this object a relatively easy target for home telescopes,” he says.

But Western ufologists say that an object is not so simple. For example Tyler Glockner, suggested that this may not be a comet because it has no tail. He also added that in the center of the object to be seen two objects instead of one.

Ufologists say that the mysterious and the mythical planet Nibiru.

Earlier it was reported that NASA will start to book places for Lunar expeditions from private space companies.


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