The Best Metal Gear Games of All Time


After the heady success of MGS, gamers were eager for more Solid Snake. And Konami delivered –– sort of. On a mission to do reconnaissance of a new Metal Gear, Snake arrives just in time to see his old foe Revolver Ocelot stealing the new Metal Gear and revealing he’s being possessed by Snake’s brother, Liquid Snake. Afterward, gamers are shocked to discover that the true protagonist is Raiden, a rookie operative who’s on the hunt for the Sons of the Patriots and the terrorist organization Dead Cell. As the plot unfolds, nothing is what it seems in the notorious scene of the Colonel seemingly having a mental breakdown. As the scene gets increasingly more erratic, it’s revealed that the “Colonel” is actually an artificial intelligence under the control of the Patriots, the shadow organization that rules the world via information control. It’s a mind-bending tale of stealth, betrayal and intrigue that makes you question the world around you. Sherri L. Smith

Play it now: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360)

Credit: Konami



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