The 20 most flexible jobs for working parents

child to work found the most family-friendly jobs.

Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Just one in 30 job postings tout their family-friendly or flexible work options, according to a recent study by Indeed Hiring Lab economist Andrew Flowers.

Indeed mined the descriptions of jobs that have at least 10,000 openings for keywords like work-life-balance, flexible working hours, or working remotely.

There were two types of jobs that broke into the top twenty. One was high-skill, high-paying careers, like those in engineering. That follows tech companies’ reputation for competitive perks.

The other category included jobs that have flexible schedules due to the nature of the job. That included sales positions, home health aide, and assembler.

“Flexible in these cases may just mean, ‘You’ll work when we want you to,'” according to the Indeed report.

Ordered from least to most likely to advertise their flexible work options, here are the most flexible jobs for working parents, or anyone who wants out of the typical 9-to-5.


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