Terrible cold all around cal: NASA warned about the Ice age

Жуткие морозы скуют все вокруг: NASA предупредили о Ледниковом периоде

Experts from NASA say that very soon in outer space comes a mini Ice age. Temperature will decrease due to the decrease in the activity of sunspots.

Also, after a while the space will change significantly, because the earth’s atmosphere loses its heat. If so will proceed and further, in space will set a new record for low temperature.

In about 2 years sunspots will also change. It will be much lower, and this will lead to radical changes. In addition, experts from space agencies claim that they will change the solar minimum, resulting in broken navigation and communication, space debris stop and just hang.

Жуткие морозы скуют все вокруг: NASA предупредили о Ледниковом периоде

This situation will affect the explosions of supernovae in the Galaxy and increase its velocity towards the Solar system cosmic rays.

This is still one scientist stated that all of these events are cause for weakening of the magnetic field of the Sun. This will increase the danger to the astronauts who are at this time in space.

We will remind, on China there was a portal from space. Residents of the Chinese city of Yulin found in the sky a strange anomaly.

As previously reported, “Znayu” researchers from the University of California at Berkeley found 72 strange signal from space.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that a UFO the size of the Earth self-destructed in the open space.


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