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CHARLOTTE, NC:  No matter how often you travel, at some time or another Murphy is going to show up because he always travels with us.  There are thousands of travel tip out there that will supposedly simplify the process of ambulating around the world. The trick is to find those that are most useful and least cumbersome.

It’s also wise not to rely on so many little “gimmicks” that you waste all of your precious traveling time “beating the system” instead of doing what you went to see.

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Here are ten great suggestions which require little space that can save you considerable time, energy and heartburn. Pick the ones that suit your personal lifestyle best and forget the others.

Happy travels.

Marking A Memory:

Here’s an inexpensive souvenir idea. Take a ticket stub, a receipt from a famous or favorite restaurant where you have dined, a popular museum or a well-known site you have visited and laminate it. It works great as a unique bookmark for your next trip, and you might even start collecting them.


A power strip would be useful on an international trip? Consider this if you use and iPod, cell phone, electric razor or anything else that might need re-charging. A power strip might just be a great idea. Not only does it allow you to use only one adaptor to charge everything you have, it also keeps all your “stuff” together so you don’t leave something behind in your mad dash to check-out.

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Good Website:

Looking for half-price tickets for shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Orange County, California, New York, Washington, DC and Boston? Go to the website: goldstar.com Purchase your tickets online and pick them up at Will Call. Gas might be high, but there are other ways to save money.

Prescription Bottles:

Believe it or not it is sometimes tough to find 3-ounce bottles for your carry-on luggage on airlines. Ahhh, but there’s a simple solution. Pharmacies usually have 3-ounce liquid prescription bottles on hand. Check with your local drug store to see if they will sell you some 3-ounce bottles.

Pay As You Go:

Here’s a handy way to avoid a hassle when you are leaving a country that has a departure tax. At some time during your trip, take the required amount of currency you will need for departure and place it in an envelope. Then when get to the airport to pay the tax, the money is already on hand instead of having to rush to an ATM or convert additional cash. It can be a great time saver and make the departure process a little easier. A little advance preparation can save last minute hassles and headaches.

Win One for the Gripper:

Marble floors in showers may be beautiful to look at, but they can also be an accident waiting to happen. Here’s a solution. Take one of your towels and lay it out on the shower floor. Turn on the water and when it is soaking wet, you have a slip-proof surface.

Alarming Idea:

Great safety tip. Take all your essentials such as passport, money, cell phone, camera, and other necessary items and put them in a small tote bag beside your bed in the hotel. In the event of an emergency, which could be disorienting, just grab the tote and head for the nearest exit.

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Sweet Suggestion:

Believe it or not those little sugar packets on your dining table can make a great exfoliating scrub. Mix the contents with a dollop of lotion, and then rub it onto your hands and feet. Rinse with water, pat dry, and voila – soft hands and feet!

Preventing Colds While Traveling:

Take along a travel-size package of Clorox wipes. You can disinfect the tray table and armrests on the plane, and the telephone and TV remote in your hotel room.

Keep Your Passport Information Handy:

How many times have you fumbled through your belongings on an international flight trying to retrieve your passport after a flight attendant appeared with a landing card? (Most people don’t have their passport number and date of issue memorized.) Why not write all that information on a separate little card OR on the bookmark of whatever you plan to read on the long flight:? When the time comes, you can fill out the card quickly, leaving yourself more time to loan your pen to all those people who never seem to carry one.

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