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Credit: Super League Gaming

  • Super League Gaming will create amateur tournament programs for LAN gaming centers that use ggCircuit’s software.
  • More than 915 international venues use ggCircuit’s management and loyalty software, with more than 1M players creating accounts over the last two years.
  • The first program, available to ggCircuit-equipped venues in June, is for League of Legends.

Amateur tournament organizer Super League Gaming Database-Link-e1521645463907 has announced a partnership with ggCircuit that will allow affiliated LAN gaming centers to run Super League tournaments.

ggCircuit is the maker of ggLeap, a venue management and loyalty program that lets LAN centers tap into its infrastructure and allow players to earn rewards and prizes. More than 915 gaming centers around the world use ggCircuit’s software, and more than 1M players have created accounts at those venues over the last two years.

Soon, those facilities will be able to offer pre-built Super League Gaming tournaments. Super League Gaming will create tournament programs around specific games, with the company providing the framework, guidelines, and marketing materials to host each tournament. The company will also offer remote technical and production support.

Super League Gaming had been running trial programs at a select number of ggCircuit-equipped venues, and saw an opportunity to expand its amateur tournament offerings via an official partnership. “As we found the formula that was working, we decided it would make sense for us to partner more formally and bring Super League experiences across their entire footprint,” chief commercial officer Matt Edelman told The Esports Observer.

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The first program is for League of Legends Database-Link-e1521645463907, and it will be available widely to ggCircuit users in June. The companies already have the program, called “LAN Prix,” up and running at certain locations.

Further game programs will follow, with Edelman adding that the partnership with ggCircuit will primarily be focused on PC and console games given the types of venues in play. Competitive mobile games are likely a better fit for Super League’s partnership with Topgolf venues, he said.

“There’s an exciting number of gamers who go to LAN centers to play. We see that number increasing,” said Edelman. “ggCircuit, over their international footprint, has seen more than a million players log into their software. Being able to bring Super League experiences into that player population throughout the U.S. and eventually globally is a fantastic way for us to show gamers—starting with League of Legends players—the kinds of experiences we can bring to bear and the quality experience we take pride in delivering.”


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