Star Wars: New ‘The Last Jedi’ Deleted Scene Depicts a Different Demise for Phasma


In the new trilogy of Star Wars films, Finn and Captain Phasma have had a complicated history, with Finn initially obeying her orders as a member of the First Order, only to confront her in The Force Awakens and demand she aid in the destruction of Starkiller Base. In The Last Jedi, the two reunited, only for Phasma to quickly meet her demise. To celebrate the film’s Blu-ray release, The Star Wars Show revealed an alternate version of the character’s death, which can be viewed above.

The alternate version of their conflict features Finn revealing in front of Phasma’s First Order allies that she played a part in the destruction of Starkiller Base, a detail she had seemingly kept a secret. With her fellow Stormtroopers questioning the devotion of their leader, Phasma springs into action to eradicate potential detractors before Finn blasts her into the fiery bowels of Snoke’s Star Destroyer.

The above scene still features Finn’s iconic delivery of “Rebel scum” while also allowing Phasma to show off that, more than her devotion to the First Order, she’s devoted to her own survival. It’s unclear why the decision was made regarding which version of the character’s death to use, as they both merely imply Phasma’s death without certain confirmation.

Fans might be holding out hope that Phasma will return for Episode IX, but actress Gwendoline Christie isn’t so certain she’ll get to don the armor again.

“In truth I don’t know. And that scares and upsets me because I really want to see this character explored. I’m actually very invested in the character now,” Christie shared with Celebretainment about her character returning. “And that’s genuine. That’s not just chat. It has opened up a chain of stories and events in my mind about who Phasma is.”

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Trailers for The Force Awakens made audiences think Phasma would have a major presence in the film, only for her to appear in a handful of scenes. Phasma wasn’t built up quite as much with The Last Jedi, yet the villain left audiences still wanting more.

While we never got to see Phasma in all her ruthless glory, Christie is still quite a fan of both films.

“I loved The Force Awakens. And I really love The Last Jedi,” Christie noted. “It feels like a progressive step forward. It’s the idea of rigidity in one’s thinking or never being able to see the other side. This lack of empathy. It’s a choice.”

You can get The Last Jedi on Digital HD on March 13th and on Blu-ray March 27th.

Which of Phasma’s deaths do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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