Stan Lee’s Restraining Order Against Keya Morgan Dismissed

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(Photo: Zach D. Roberts)

The restraining order Stan Lee filed against business manager Keya Morgan after the latter’s arrest for filing a false police report has since been dismissed, according to recent reports.

Judge Pro Tem Ruth Kleman dismissed Lee’s restraining order against Morgan over confusion regarding who actually represents the former Marvel Comics chief, according to a report from Variety.

Ever since Morgan’s rest, Lee has been represented by former attorney Tom Lallas, who filed the restraining order. Lallas appeared in court against Robert Reynolds, who also said he represented Lee.

Though the protective order Lallas filed last month was dismissed, Reynolds stated afterwards that attorneys representing Lee are working on filing a second restraining order against Morgan. Lallas was fired in February, though he previously represented Lee in legal matters in years past. After Morgan’s arrest, Lallas returned to the fold and claimed to represent Lee’s interests moving forward.

Reynolds arrived to the court declaring that Lee said Lallas still does not represent him, prompting Kleman to dismiss the protective order. According to Variety, Morgan’s attorney, Alex Kessel, said that Morgan has not had contact with Lee and that he is tending to business outside of California.

“Their relationship exists outside of anybody‚Äôs restraining order,” Kessel said to the outlet. “Mr. Lee in no way, shape, or form is ever endangered by Mr. Morgan in any sense.”

Lee has had a tumultuous year, parting with many longtime associates in recent months after allegedly suffering from numerous instances of theft, and one strange incident which involved his blood being obtained to sign rare comic books.

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Morgan had taken over handling Lee’s affairs, and in recent months the Marvel legend began posting more and more bizarre messages on his Twitter account, including one decrying the Hollywood Reporter for spreading “fake news” and lending support to Elon Musk.

Morgan was arrested and is facing charges for allegedly filing incorrect police reports. The police have also investigated claims of elderly abuse, which came after THR’s report on Lee and Morgan.

Lee is said to be residing in his home in Beverly Hills. There’s no word yet on when the next court appointment will take place.


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