Spring fashion: Bringing back old styles with fresh twist


As temperatures rise higher and days grow longer, flowers bloom, signaling the arrival of spring, and with a new season comes new fashion.

In terms of styles, punk-inspired outfits are back and officially here to stay. The outfits often include black and white articles of clothing including oversized leather jackets and fishnet stockings.

While both whites and bold colors are still in style, pastels are extremely trendy this season, specifically lavender, lint blue and millennial pink with a dash of red. Forest green is also a very popular color, especially in outerwear.

Florals are also quite chic, a popular pattern on not only sundresses, where flowery patterns are expected, but also on shorts, jackets and blazers. Plaid is also a fashionable trend alongside black and white polka dots, and cheetah print has also made a significant comeback in a variety of colors.

Velvet continues to remain in style this spring, found in dresses, rompers, tops, skirts and even swimsuits. Asymmetrical, unexpected necklines are also popular, both in partywear and everyday styles.

Brand names have made a serious return onto the runways recently, and major companies like Gucci are pushing their logos everywhere. Company names are seen everywhere on the streets, plastered on tops, dresses, outerwear and more.

In regard to business attire, blazers are still in style with a bold twist, bright colors and floral patterns. This season, one does not even need an entire suit to show power; in many cases, blazers have been paired with casual skirts and even jeans.

Metallic material and sequins are everywhere in the world of partywear, tops, skirts and dresses, often paired with mesh cutouts. Even jackets and shoes are covered in sequins, and sequin-covered heels in particular are walking down runways across the nation.

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Embellished straps are also definitely the way to go, adding some sparkle to otherwise plain shoulders. Ruching and ruffles are also very fashionable, especially on formal and semi-formal gowns.

Once popular in the 19th century, square necklines and puffy sleeves are also a popular aesthetic on tops this season. Another blast from the fashion past are the styles of the 1960s, including tie front tops, bell sleeves and flare jeans.

Jeans continue to remain in style, as always, and while faded jeans are still popular, dark wash is the way to go this year. As usual, denim is everywhere: button-downs, jackets, dresses and even in suits. Destroyed and ripped jeans are trendy, not only in pants but also on denim vests and jackets.

As far as outerwear goes, jean jackets have definitely made a comeback along with patterned and brightly colored bomber jackets. The classic trench coat remains in fashion and has upgraded to a cape-like style in which two trenches are combined together. Belted and metallic raincoats are also pretty chic.

Fanny packs are also here to stay; however, companies like Kate Spade have attempted to make this common tourist accessory a brand new fashion statement.

So as far as fashion goes, every season is marked with a unique combination of old styles with a new twist.




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