Simon letter: Gaming dollars


Teacher loss. I read recently that we are losing teachers to other states. This is no surprise because of our lower salaries. Out politicos have no answer except to raise property taxes. Well, there is a solution. Our state is losing $300 million to the Nevada and Indian gaming folks. Why not keep this money in Idaho, and pay our teachers more in order to keep them here? Change our law to allow casino gaming here in Idaho, and keep that money here, and owned and controlled by the state. Then our property taxes would stabilize, we could gold-plate our schools and pay teachers a reasonable salary. Yes, I can hear all the good do’ers now, they would protest, the world is coming to an end, we are inviting all kinds of problems. I can hear the whining now. What in the world are these people thinking? I guess I am going to hell because I like to play a slot machine, once a year. The money I lose ($50) could have stayed here in Idaho. Just research UNLV’s website and you will be amazed at the money.



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