Sierra Leone scraps China-funded airport deal

has cancelled plans to build an airport with China’s help in the outskirts of the country’s capital, Freetown, saying it was economically unviable.

The had been commissioned by previous in March. The project was funded by worth USD 318 million and due to be completed by 2022, reported.

“After serious consideration and diligence, it is the government’s view that (it) is uneconomical to proceed with the construction of the new airport when the existing one is grossly underutilised,” a letter from the country’s and Aviation Kabineh Kallon read.

This is the first time that an has scrapped an announced and a major China-backed deal.

Reacting to the same, said that the cancellation of the airport project did not indicate a rift between and He claimed that the deal was in an exploratory phase.

“When cooperating with African countries that include Sierra Leone, has always adhered to the principles of equality-based consultations and win-win cooperation. I don’t think this particular project should be overblown as an indication of problems between the Chinese and Sierra Leone governments,” Lu said.

Last month, Chinese had announced a financial package of USD 60 billion aid, comprising investment and loans to the continent. This was made during the Forum on China-Cooperation (FOCAC) summit that was held between senior Chinese leaders and their African counterparts in

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