Shroud claims next Apex Legends character is ‘not going to be that sick’ – Dexerto


Respawn Entertainment

Octane was added to Apex Legends on March 19, as part of the Season 1 Battle Pass.

“Oh, I already know what the next legend is,” the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro said on stream, after being asked about Respawn’s future plans. “All I can tell you about the next legend is that it’s not going to be that sick. It’s going to be cool, but it’s not going to be that sick – that’s all.”

The last legend to be added to the game was Octane, which is a character that very much relies on its speed and movement. It has certainly proved to be a hit with the fanbase ever since its release, but if you’re expecting more of the same, you could be disappointed – if shroud is to be believed. 

Is the new legend Wattson?

According to shroud, the next addition will be a more “situational” figure, as opposed to one based around speed like Octane. The streamer went on to compare the next addition to the likes of Gibraltar and Caustic. 

One curious Apex Legends fan wanted him to go a step further, though, asking whether or not the next addition to the roster would be “electric” – clearly looking for a hint towards the introduction of Wattson – but the streamer’s lips were sealed. 

“What are you trying to say, man? What are are trying to get me to say here?”



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