Seniors encourage active aging lifestyle

Seniors encourage active aging lifestyle. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Friday morning, dozens of senior citizens walked in the SOWEGA Council On Aging’s annual River Walk.

The walk is to celebrate ‘Active Aging Week’ and to encourage seniors to get active.

Hilde Tidwell was one of the walkers.

She says she participated in the walk because she’s a firm believer in exercise.

Tidwell says, “I’m supposed to have had a knee replacement about 7 years ago and i started going to water aerobics.”

That knee replacement never happened, all thanks to exercising, according to Tidwell.

She says now, “I do chair aerobics about three times a week if it works out and I’m doing great.”

She also exercises to prepare for the unknown.

“I’ve dealt with cancer four times in the past and trying to keep ahead of whatever’s coming in my way,”says Tidwell.

Friday morning’s walk was a way to bring seniors together in a healthy way.

and that was important for Marshall Coaxum.

Coaxum says, “I tried to do the exercising by myself and just wasn’t successful so it’s very important for me to do it with a group.”

Coaxum says he’d always dreamed of taking a special motorcycle trip, “I’ve always wanted to take a trip to California and I was kind of uncertain about it.”

Due to exercise he was able to, “I had no problem at all physically during this trip and it was because of my exercising prior to and during so it’s very important for me to exercise.”

Tidwell wants to encourage other seniors like her, “doctors are good help and pills are good but it’s better if you can live without them.”

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