Scientists have explained why people are starting to see ghosts

Now we know everything.

Вчені розповіли, чому люди починають бачити привидів

Scientists have named the reasons why people are beginning to see so-called ghosts, informs UkrMedia.

Thus, experts noted that eighteen percent of the people on our planet claim that at certain points in my life, not only met with ghosts, but even went out with them on contact. Scientists said that one reason for this phenomenon lies in the possibility of perception of some people of infrasound.

So, twenty-two percent of the volunteers in the experiment admitted that under the influence of sound in seventeen Hertz felt fear and saw unexplainable things. Can also trigger hallucinations, the presence of mold in the premises. This explains why ghosts often appear in abandoned buildings. In addition, the cause of the abnormal visions is a gas leak.

Under the influence of carbon monoxide the worse changes not only physical but also mental condition of the person. Provokes the appearance of ghosts and a lack of clean air. The lack of sufficient oxygen can lead to dizziness and clouding of the mind.

A big role in this situation plays a self-suggestion of the person in the existence of ghosts. After all, many people like to experience the feeling of fear. In a stressful situation, the brain releases a hormone called dopamine. He is responsible for the feeling of satisfaction.



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