Scientists discovered in Turkmenistan, amazing creature

Вчені виявили в Туркменістані дивовижне істота

Scientists from Spain and Bulgaria found in the cave of Kaptarkhana in Turkmenistan a new species of arthropods. According to “Popular mechanics”, eyeless creature reaches a length of only a few millimeters. The researchers called it Turkmenocampa mirabilis, where the first word refers to the place of his residence, and the second means “unusual, unbelievable.”

It is noted that scientists have been in the cave eight hours, placing the trap with smelly cheese and looking for samples. Observations have not yielded results, but several animals were still trapped.

The creature is a new species and genus of cave arthropods campodeidae (family dvukhvostka). According to the authors, this is not just a remarkable body, but also the amazing cave of the creature that passed a long evolutionary way to adapt to underground life on the territory of Central Asia.

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