Samantha Power: Turkey is bullying and blackmailing US officials (PHOTOS)

YEREVAN. – It was a great disappointment that I felt and you all felt when Obama did not formally recognize the Armenian Genocide, former U.S. ambassador to UN Samantha Power said during a discussion in Yerevan.

She said that during Obama’s years in office he failed to recognize the Armenian Genocide for which many people lobbied, and “it is really painful for many”. However, according to her, it is not a litmus test, and more essential are the efforts that many people made to secure recognition. 

Speaking about Turkey’s position, she said the government of that county has invested billions of dollars and used leverage as UN member so that the Genocide could not be recognize.

“It is so obvious that there was a Genocide, but a NATO partner is bulling and blackmailing them,” she said, adding that it is embarrassing when U.S. officials are giving long evasive answers on the matter.

“You can focus on the on off switch or you can focus on the fact that the US government is embarrassingly contorting their speeches because they are being blackmailed by different governments and organizations to deny the Armenian Genocide.”

In fact, something what is missing is leverage to challenge the governments, Power emphasized.

She believes that the efforts by survivors and their descendants to tell their stories make the world better.

“Respecting history you will make the world better,” Samantha Power noted, adding that her son was born on April 24, and they light candles for him and for the Armenians on that day.

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