Renewable Energy and Sustainable Lifestyle Fair teaches how to ‘go green’

BYRON, Ill. (WIFR) — Hundreds gathered at the Byron Forest Preserve Saturday to learn how they could go green when it comes to their energy usage.

The 17th annual Renewable Energy and Sustainable Lifestyle Fair gives people an opportunity to check out some of the latest renewable energy sources. Those include solar and learning about reducing their carbon footprint. Organizers say several financial incentives from the state and federal government continue to make alternative energy sources very attractive for consumers.

“You do get some people that say, ‘well how come I’ve never heard of this?’ So we’d like to expand that base, and we’d like to expand to younger people. So it’s trying to get more people interested and knowing the opportunity that’s there because the financial benefits at this point are very good,” said Bob Vogl, the President of the Illinois Renewable Energy Association.

The Illinois Renewable Energy Association organized the fair. The group is also organizing an Illinois solar farm tour that will be held this fall.


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