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Around this time of year, there is a dry-spell of movie trailers. It’s too early for holiday movie trailers and too late for the spring movies to release new trailers. However, some trailers manage to slip through the cracks and fall unnoticed. This list has a little something for every film lover. 


“Midsommar” is set to release this August.

Midsommar” is the second film from Ari Aster, director of “Hereditary”. “Midsommar” is about a couple visiting a small Swedish community during a festival that takes place every 90 years. The film is distributed by A24, a company that I have a personal love for. In true A24 fashion, the trailer does not show much but still manages to pique my interest. If you like scary movies that leave you confused but also terrified, this will definitely be the movie for you. “Midsommar” is set to release in Aug. 2019.


If you love coming-of-age movies you will love “Booksmart”. If you were the kid that studied hard and didn’t party at all in high school like me, you will be obsessed with this movie. Olivia Wilde makes her directorial debut with “Booksmart”. The trailer itself shows so much in such a little time. Also, the feminist message of getting shit done is something I can totally get behind. “Booksmart” debuts May 24, 2019 

Game of Thrones: Season 8 

Insert: “Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of ‘Game of Thrones’” remark. Seriously at this point, you’re either invested in the series or not, but the final season promises to be action-packed as “winter is coming.” Now is a great time to get into the series as the season premieres on April 14, 2019.  

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Superhero movies are one of the few constants in life now. We can expect them hyped up all year and are earning more money with each new entry. “Shazam!” seems to be no different. If you were like me as a kid and desperately wanted to be a superhero, you will love “Shazam!”. Unlike other DC movies “Shazam!” seems to be more lighthearted and upbeat. Zachary Levi is such a good choice for the quirky superhero. “Shazam!” premieres April 5, 2019. 


I don’t know what has caused the surge in movies about creepy kids in Hollywood, but I am 100% here for it. Elizabeth Banks is slowly becoming one of my favorite actresses today and I am excited to see her in a serious role. “Brightburn” premieres May 24, 2019. 


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