Profile by Sanford offering Utahns success with effective, healthy-lifestyle coaching

Profile by Sanford coach Kristin Anderson told us about their unique lifestyle coaching and the success of new member Heidi Monson.

Profile provides nutrition, activity, and lifestyle coaching for members. Their goal is to take the guesswork out of meal planning, a healthy lifestyle, and sustainability. Personal coaches customize and build meal plans and guidance for each member and each is unique to fit the member’s needs.

Heidi Monson has been coached for 4-5 weeks and has lost the weight she had has a goal. Heidi says, “i loves working with the program, and the food tastes great too!” 

Recently opened are two locations in Draper and Ft. Union (Cottonwood Heights).

Cottonwood Heights special – Sign up for $50 for the year (regular $300)

Or visit to see all their locations in Utah or nationwide.

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