PrepAway Explored Benefits of Microsoft Office Certifications and Discovered Some Preparation Tips to Achieve Them

Microsoft Office Certifications

The Microsoft Office certification proves one’s technical expertise in Microsoft Office. The MOS credential provides tremendous benefits because the individuals who hold it show their productivity, marketability, job performance, and confidence. Given the ubiquity of Microsoft Office, the potential MOS candidates include everyone from network administrators to admin assistants.

MOS is a credential provided by Microsoft that proves one’s skills in one or several Office programs. Microsoft offers three levels of the MOS certifications: Expert, Specialist, and Master. Let’s look at them in detail.

  • Microsoft Office Specialist. This entry-level MOS credential certifies one’s competence in MS Office favorite products (Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word).
  • MOS Expert. It recognizes individuals with advanced skills in both Word and Excel. The candidates are required to pass one or two exams to obtain it.
  • MOS Master. This certification demonstrates that an individual has advanced expertise in all Microsoft Office applications. Obtaining this credential indicates the applicant’s ability to integrate the various different features found in Microsoft Office.

Obtainingthe MOScertification is an authoritative way of proving one’s comprehension of the world’s leading office application software. The candidates must pass several exams depending on the MOS certificate they want to obtain. For example, to get MOS Master and prove your knowledge of Microsoft Office 2016, you will be required to pass three obligatory exams and then choose one more test from two elective ones.

Obtaining Your Certification

Microsoft requires the potential MOS candidates to register online or via phone at Certiport. After registering, the individuals receive study resources, exam prep tips, and directions to the Certiport testing center. The certification tests occur online at an official Certiportcenter using software that mimics actual Officeapplications. Typically, the students perform tasks using Microsoft apps, which help inevaluating their competency and skills in a particular Office product. Those individuals who pass the exam receive a certification logo, exam transcript, and the MOS credential.

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Preparing for Certification Exams

Several resources are available for preparing for the MOS exams. They include online practice tests, formal instruction, instructional guides, and self-study kits. Let’s discuss some preparation tips and tricks to pass the exam at the first attempt without any difficulties.

Leveraging practice tests and quizzes gives the candidates a feel of the actual exam. Various online sites offer practice tests, as well as feedback on performance and scoring. Additionally, online training is available from multiple providers and combines textbook study and instructor-led classes. However, the students may be confused with a great amount of resources. Be attentive and choose only the reliable ones. For example, PrepAway. It equips the learners with a lot of materials. The  website is one of the most popular providers of practice tests. Thus, the individuals who don’t have enough time to attend training programs can prepare using DVDs, training kits, self-study materials, and study resources from PrepAway and other preparation platforms. With their help, you can learn at a comfortable pace while focusing on your areas of weakness.

Benefits of MOS Certifications

It’s important to note, the Microsoft Office credentials offer various benefits to corporations, individuals, and governments. Let’s discus them.

  • Individuals

As an individual, you should consider earning the MOS certification, even though your employer doesn’t recommend one. Gaining the MOS credential distinguishes your resume from other people’s CVs and contributes toward higher salaries. The certification is a stepping-stone towards becoming a fully certified MOS Expert or Master.

Nowadays, the hiring managers and employers have a bias towards the MOS certified candidates. This Microsoft certificate indicates your competency level even before you are interviewed for a job. As a result, you increase your chance of making it through the vetting process. In addition, the higher the level of your MOS credential, the better your chances of attracting interest from the best companies and recruiters.

  • Governments
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If you work for the government, it is essential that you have top-notch Microsoft Office skills. For this reason, gaining the MOS certification equips you with highly desirable skills. Doing so ensures that you can help your government department meet its objectives. Besides, holding credentials before employment minimizes the investment of government in training employees. For instance, presentation skills can help a government communicate better with the public. Similarly, knowledge of spreadsheets and email applications is useful in the collection of viewpoints from the citizenry.

  • Corporations

Organizations that lack the proficient MOS employees have reduced productivity ratios. Given that, the MOS certified employees assist organizations to maximize productivity levels and improve documentation processes. Besides, corporations spend less on training budgets required to induct new employees.

  • Education Sector

The education sector is critical in the preparation of individuals for professional positions. For this reason, the MOS certifications help optimize the delivery of educational content and curriculum. As such, instructors, administrators, and students can focus better on educational content, which improves the quality of education and instruction.

Final Thoughts

Initially, obtaining the MOS credential can seem challenging to the potential candidates given the technical proficiency required to satisfy the certificate requirements. Nonetheless, you should not despair! Successfully pursuing MOS is worth the time and effort. Even so, we recommend taking the certification exams one at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. Thus, identify areas that you have the greatest expertise in and begin your pursuit from there. For instance, if you work extensively with Microsoft Word, consider starting your quest with the adequate certification. After that, acquire relevant study resources, PrepAway practices tests, and exam objectives before commencing your study. What’s more, ensure that you enroll in formal training to increase your command of the Microsoft Office product you need certification in. A word of caution, use online rating and peer review sites to evaluate the credibility of any training resources you come across.

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