Pray for clear skies! The amazing Perseid meteor shower is tonight

Meteor Shower
USAK, TURKEY – AUGUST 12: A meteor lights up the sky during perseid meteor shower above the ancient city of Blandus in Usak, Turkey on August 12, 2017. (Photo by Aytug Can Sencar/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Just a week after we all looked up at the sky in the hope of seeing the blood moon, we’ll probably be at it again for a meteor shower.

The Perseid meteor shower could be visible over Ireland on Sunday night if we have clear skies.

Bright streaks of light should be visible in the sky as Earth passes through debris left behind by the Swift Tuttle comet which whizzes by the earth approximately every 133 years.

The meteor shower should be visible tonight. Pic: Rex

The comet flies through spaces at around 150 times the speed of sound, leaving behind dry ice and other rocky material.

Each year, Earth’s rotation takes us through some of the debris, which enters our atmosphere and burns up.

The shower is caused by debris entering the Earth’s atmosphere. Pic: Getty Images

Tiny comets should be visible passing through and burning up in Earth’s atmosphere late on August 12, coming into early morning on August 13.

There could be between 50 to 100 comets flying through the sky during the short period at the weekend.

Keep an eye out! Pic: Rex

If you’re not interested in looking into the sky, you can always watch a live stream of the event ran by the Virtual Telescope Project.

Happy stargazing everybody!


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