Pop Culture: Big crowd turns out for Tokyo in Tulsa

All you needed was a peek to see how big Tokyo in Tulsa has become.

The line to get in Cox Business Center stretched from the south entrance all the way around the eastern half of the building before doors opened Friday, the first day of a convention devoted to Japanese culture, pop culture and anime.

“So far everything is going great,” TNT founder James Fowler said shortly after the show started, adding that he is expecting between 9,000 and 9,500 people to attend the convention.

“I never imagined how big it would become when we (started) it 11 years ago. It gets bigger and bigger every year and the community loves it, so we are going to keep doing it.”

The opening day line moved briskly, so attendees (many dressed in costumes) were able to get inside almost immediately to gain access to the vendor vendor room, a gaming room, panels and other activities.

Tokyo in Tulsa continues Saturday and Sunday. For tickets and information, go to tokyointulsa.com.


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